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Those of a certain age will remember the PG Tips advert with the ‘expert’ piano removers. Thankfully things have moved on a little since then.

Upright pianos are moved with what is called a ‘piano trolley’. These are trolleys with 4 hard/pneumatic wheels that easily take the weight of the heaviest upright piano.

Piano Dolly used for Piano Moving Service

Grand pianos are moved on a ‘piano slipper’.  These are like large surfboards and come in varying sizes to accommodate different sized pianos.

Piano Slipper used for Piano Moving Service

The two pieces of equipment above are fine where we move a piano at ground level. Where pianos have to be moved to a higher level (i.e. up the stairs) then there are generally only 2 options – pure muscle or, if possible, use of our platform hoist.

Our staff are experienced in lifting pianos to upper floor locations though rarely will the internal dimensions of a building allow this beyond the 1st floor.

Our platform hoist will lift a maximum of 400kg and extends 24m maximum. This may entail you removing windows if the ingress requires it.

Moving Grand & Baby Pianos

The biggest and heaviest of pianos is the Grand Piano. Not only the largest but the most expensive! This is the instrument of choice for professional pianists, orchestras and prestigious recording studios across the world. There are not only acoustic grand pianos, but there are also digital grand pianos that are designed to replicate the incredible tone, touch and hammer-action of an acoustic model.

Relocating Upright Pianos

Upright pianos, also known as vertical pianos, are much more compact due to the frame and strings being vertical rather than horizontal. They as also much less expensive than their bigger sibling! However, the same care and attention is taken what ever size of piano is being moved.

All pianos are insured in transit from first to last touch.

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